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How to choose the frequency heating equipment

Author: Published:2015-03-25 Views:1463

  With the improvement of induction heat treatment production line high degree of automation and power reliability requirements, the need to strengthen the development of complete sets of equipment for the heating process. Meanwhile induction heating system intelligent control forward direction, with intelligent computer control performance interface, remote control and automatic fault diagnosis of induction heating equipment, such as power systems are becoming the next generation of development goals, in the choice of induction heat treatment equipment must pay attention to the following instructions .

  1, the depth and the area to be heated

  Heating depth deep, large area, the overall heating power should be used in large, low-frequency induction heat treatment equipment; heated shallow depth, a small area, local heating, use relatively little power, high-frequency induction heat treatment equipment.

  2, the desired heating rate

  Required heating speed, power should be used in relatively large, relatively high frequency induction heat treatment equipment.

  3, the heated workpiece shape and dimensions

  Piece big bar, real wood, should be used relatively high power, low frequency induction heat treatment equipment; small parts, tubes, plates, gears, etc., then the choice of a relatively small power, high frequency induction heat treatment equipment.

  Even 4, the device following the working time

  Continuous long working hours, the relative power of slightly larger selection of induction heat treatment equipment.

  5, the connection distance sensor components and equipment

  Connection length, or even need to use water-cooled cable, power should be relatively large selection of induction heat treatment equipment.

  6, process requirements

  In general, quenching, welding and other processes, the relative power of the election may be smaller, higher frequency selection; annealing, tempering process, the relative power of elected larger, lower frequency selection; red-hot forging, melting, etc., need diathermy effect of good technology, the power should be selected to be larger, the frequency of the election was lower.

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