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Integrated Machine

Author: Published:2015-03-25 Views:1019

Integrated Machine


  ◇ The machine is part moves, using CNC system control, keyboard input, storage hardening procedures, procedures for automatic control.

  ◇ single / double top structure, the length of the holding parts electric adjustment.

  ◇ quenching medium flow display and monitoring.

  ◇ reliable performance, smooth running, high repeat positioning accuracy.

  ◇ directly with all kinds of high frequency power supply supporting the installation.

  ◇ process adjustment, easy to operate, with perfect protection.

  ◇ for induction hardening axle, driveshaft, camshaft and other shafts, gear type, ring type and flat type parts.

  ◇ can be equipped with automatic loading and unloading devices.


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